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Address: Pngea Chey Village, Svay Dongkum, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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Tel: +855 977 431 948

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Tel: +855 77 253 554

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Latest Properties
11 Room house for rent : 0000146A
US$Rent 1100 pm
8 Bedroom Villa For Sale :000071H
US$1650 per month
Studio Room For Rent :000062 B
US$160 to 180 Per month
Hotel Room For Rent /00003 R
US$80 to 600 Per Night
20 Rooms For Lease :000069H
US$2,500 per month

Solina Realty Consulting Co,.Ltd

You need to find ways to distinguish your business or service from others and it has to be a credible difference. Something you can prove in a few words. Think about what your clients want to buy not about what you want to sell. Try to appeal to what they would look for in your company or service that makes them comfortable dealing with you. What are the most important aspects of your business or service that meets the most important needs of your clients... 

Feature Properties
US$$ On Application
US$$180 to 380 per month
US$450 to 550
US$Rent 1500 pm
US$550 to 600
US$100,000 Negotiable
US$450 to 1200$
US$$700 to $950 per month
US$$600 - $700 / month
US$$600 To 750 PM
US$$900 to $1200
US$$1,100 plus
US$350 to 900 per month
US$1600 per sqm ( Negotiable )
US$Rent 700 pm
US$350 to 600 pm
US$210,000 Negotiable
US$Rent 380 pm
US$650 to 850 pm
US$190 p/m
US$Rent 2200 pm
US$500 per sqm ( Negotiable )
US$475 per month
US$Rent 500 pm
US$400 per sqm ( Negotiable )
US$324000 ( Negotiable )
US$Rent 450 pm
US$Rent 120 to 150 pm
US$1700 Per month
US$150 PM 300 PM
US$Rent 750 pm
US$500 per sqm ( Negotiable )
US$550 /600 pm
US$Rent 600 pm
US$Rent 800 pm
US$$ On Application
US$300 to 800 pm
US$600 to 900 pm
US$Rent 700 pm
US$500 to 800 per month
US$350 to 400 pm
US$150000 ( Negotiable )
US$Rent 1600 pm
US$45000 ( Negotiable )
US$130,000 ( Negotiable )
US$378000 ( Negotiable )
US$85,000( Negotiable )
US$110 per sqm Negotiable
US$370,000 Negotiable
US$70,000 Negotiable
US$170 per sqm ( Negotiable )
US$470 per sqm ( Negotiable )
US$170 to 280 pm
US$260 per sqm Negotiable
US$190 per sqm Negotiable
US$Rent 8000 pm ( Negotiable )
US$150,000 Negotiable
US$Rent 450 pm
US$185,000 Negotiable
US$85,000 Negotiable
US$205,000 Negotiable
US$400 to 450 pm
US$1,000 pm Negotiable
US$330,000 Negotiable
US$200 Per month
US$280 per sqm negotiable
US$550 Sqm Negotiable
US$750 per sqm negotiable
US$140,000 Negotiable
US$300 to 580 Per month
US$230 per sqm negotiable
US$230 per sqm negotiable
US$238.48 per sqm negotiable
US$2,500 per month
US$160 to 180 Per month
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